8 Books You Definitely Don’t Want to Read on Your Beach Vacation

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So, you’re headed on to the beach and you’ve asked all of your friends what book to take a long for a light-hearted read. Right?

Well, don’t read these.

8 Books You Definitely Don’t Want to Read on Your Beach Vacation:

1. “Dubliners”

Arguably, this book is the most depressing book from a serverely depressed James Joyce. Not exactly sunny.

2. “Diary of Anne Frank”

The Holocaust happened and it’s important to know about it, but the beach may not be the best place to learn about all that went on in that annex.

3. “Mein Kampf”

You don’t want Adolf Hitler on your vacay.

4. “The Art of the Deal”

What if you end up just picturing President Donald Trump sunbathing the whole time you’re trying to read? Eek.

5. “Blood Meridian”

Cormac McCarthy can write a novel, but this book is literally about a boy lost in the woods who is forced to fight at the hands of the Texas Rangers. And not the baseball team.

6. “Flowers for Algernon”

An epistolary novel from the perspective of a low-IQ man who receives treatment to triple his intelligence. How it affects his worldview and his relationships with those around him make this novel one of the saddest things ever written.

7. “Unbroken”

You need to read this book, but you don’t need to read it at the beach. Don’t even watch Angelina Jolie’s movie version either.

8. “Left Behind”

The theology is a bit off and it won’t spark a great conversation with your kids. No one wants to have that conversation on the beach.