Bake and Listen: Blake Shelton


Blake Shelton is really comforting to me. For instance, when I heard “Neon Light” for the first time, I felt like I had heard the song before, because Shelton has such a distinctive style that takes me back to his first releases. Although the music is still fresh, it still has that classic Shelton twang.

These pies? There are just like that. Classic flavors, but with a bit of a twang. When fall rolls around, I get in the mood to bake anything and everything “fall”, and I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkin. That leaves room for maple, ginger, cinnamon, etc. Maple especially. But, what’s better than maple whiskey? Literally nothing.

The good thing about these desserts is that they are really compact so you can give them to your friends, family and co-workers after you’ve made a batch. Or just stick them in your freezer and when you want one in July, pull them out and let ‘em unthaw for a day and go to town. Or just eat them all yourself. Go ahead, I won’t judge.

Neon Light Maple Whiskey Whoopie Pies

Ingredients (for the pies):

1 box spice cake mix

3 eggs

½ cup vegetable oil

2/3 cup sour cream

¼ cup maple whiskey

For Pie Filling:

2 cups powdered sugar

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 stick unsalted butter (softened)


This will be real simple for you. Prepare the box mix with the ingredients specified above. You’ll want to purchase a “whoopie pie” pan, which you can get at Target or Wal-Mart. If you don’t have one of those, you can drop the batter on parchment paper and pray it comes out okay. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes, watching carefully, and then let cool.

For the frosting, take your stick of butter and chop it up into little pieces. Throw in a mixing bowl and add in the powdered sugar and cream together with an electric mixer. Add in the maple syrup (or maple whiskey if you’re feeling jazzy) and blend together. Scoop into a plastic bag and cut a hole in the corner to pipe into your little pies. You can wrap them individually in plastic wrap to freeze if you wish.

Image Source: PR Photos, BigStock