Bake and Listen: Carrie Underwood’s “Smoke Break” White Chocolate Bark


Carrie Underwood’s newest single is as addicting as anything she’s singing about in the tune. So much so, we’ve even been compelled to take a “long drag,” but to save ourselves, we developed a recipe.

What’s better than a cigarette? Chocolate. White chocolate to be exact, with a little fall flair. This bark is amazing. It’s sweet, salty, and has a bit of pumpkin flavor to balance everything out.

“Smoke Break” White Chocolate Bark


I block white almond bark

6 oreos, crushed

2 cups butter snap pretzels, crushed

4 graham crackers, crushed

1 tbsp cinnamon sugar

1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice


Break up your almond bark and place in a large bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat until it’s all melted. When it’s completely melted, add in your cinnamon sugar and then pumpkin pie spice. In separate plastic bags, crush your Oreos, graham crackers, and butter snap pretzels so you can sprinkle them easily on your bark.

On a cookie sheet, spread out wax or parchment paper. Spread out your melted white chocolate and press in the Oreos, graham crackers and butter snap pretzels. Stick in the fridge to harder and when it’s set, take out of the cookie sheet and break apart.


Image Source: CMA, BigStock