Bass Pro Just Bought Cabela’s For $4B And Now Rules The Outdoors Galaxy


Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s have similar roots: both started as mom-and-pop small businesses selling fishing gear in the 1960s. In the 50 years since, both have grown into enormous, billion dollar revenue outdoor chains. But, as of today, these two heartland chains are no longer competitors. Bass Pro Shops has just announced it has acquired Cabela’s and will relocate it’s headquarters to Springdale, Missouri. And just like that, Bass Pro Shops went from being the Walmart of outdoor goods to being the Galactic Empire outdoors stores.

Bass Pro is now the big player in outdoor goods. They are like Amazon, grabbing up all the little competitors in their way. Interestingly enough, Bass Pro bought Cabela’s for $4 billion, the same price Disney spent to acquire “Star Wars.”

That’s a ton of money. Shoot, the bank that handled the money, the middlemen who just passed the money from one set of hands to another, made $75 million in this deal. THAT’S ACTUALLY INSANE!

Unless you work for Cabela’s or live in Sidney, NE where Cabela’s used to be based, nothing will really change. You can still shop at both stores, and the brands they carry should stay consistent. Their prices may shift, but I mean, just watch this reassuring video Bass Pro put up. You have nothing to worry about.

Everyone: Moving forward, together. Heartland. Together forward, forever, together. Unity. Tony Stewart!? Togetherness. Foreverness together.

Bass Pro: