5 Best Beach Games To Play This Summer

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The waves crash, the sun shines brightly, the seagull chirp, you have an ice cold Corona by your side — it’s beach season, y’all, and we’ve got five great games to keep everyone entertained.

Some require a little forethought and equipment, while others are quite simple, but they all are sure to provide fun for any age group.

5 Best Beach Games To Play This Summer:

1. Shell Darts

Absolutely no equipment is needed for this one. Simply use a stick to mark several concentric circles in the sand, basically making a target. Make each ring of the circle worth a certain number of points, with the bullseye as the highest value. Find a rock or shell and take turns shooting for the center. You can keep score with sticks in the sand.

2. Bocce

This game has been around since 5000 BC, so you know it must be fun. Sometimes played on lawns, you can also play this game on the beach. Use a stick to draw the court. You will need a set of bocce balls. The general idea is that there are two teams. One person throws a small ball, the pallino, onto the court. Then the teams take turns rolling larger balls in an attempt to get closest to the pallino. Your bocce set should show you how to draw the court and keep score.

3. Mini Golf

Why not bring a set of plastic golf clubs and a few balls to the beach? Then all you need to do is dig some holes in the sand to create your mini golf course. Young kids can play just a few holes over and over. Adults can have fun creating crazy obstacles and a longer course.

4. Ladder Golf

Ladder golf equipment can be found at most sporting goods stores. It consists of two ladders, each of which has three rungs, a top, middle and bottom rung. The object of the game is to wrap your bola round the rungs of the ladder. A bola is two golf balls attached by a rope. There are many different ways to score the game, based on how long you want to play and your skill level.

5. Water Relay

All you need for this game is a large group, two small buckets, and two large buckets. Set up the large buckets far from the water, and then have teams race to fill the large bucket by getting small buckets of water from the ocean. The more people, the better. Relay races always create excitement!