11 Things That Are Ruining Your Manicure


Whether you go to the expense of having your nails done at the salon or you spend the time to do them yourself, you want your manicure to last. There is nothing more frustrating than having one of your perfectly done nails chip just a few days later. Sure you can fix it, but what you really want to know is how to prevent it.

11 Things That Are Ruining Your Manicure:

1. Quick-Dry Topcoats

You are in a hurry and the best way to dry your nails is a quick-dry topcoat or spray to speed the process. But, these products contain acetone and other solvents that cause nails to dry out faster leading to chipped, peeling and even broken nails.

2. Paying Afterward

Obviously, sliding your freshly painted nails into your handbag is not going to end well.

3. Rummaging Through Your Purse

Keep your keys and other necessities in a side pocket all by themselves. When we blindly plunge our hands into our purses, we run the risk of knicks, chips and cracks.

4. Washing the Dishes

The water, the detergents and the heavy duty scrubbing wreak havoc on a pretty mani. Wear rubber gloves (or delegate the job!) to protect your polish.

 5. Perfumes

Perfume is alcohol-based which breaks down your polish. Watch where you aim!

6. Hand Sanitizer

Same as perfume.

7. Hairspray

Yep, alcohol.

8. Sunscreen

Avoid your nails as much as possible when putting sunscreen on. It dulls the finish and dries it out causing chips.

9. Salon Polish

There is a reason some ladies take their own polish to the nail salon. Most nail salons add thinners to extend the life of old enamels.

10. Shaking the Bottle

Shaking the bottle creates air pockets. Which create air bubbles that lead to chips. Roll the polish between your hands instead.

11, Typing

For us girls who like to keep our nails a little longer, typing on the computer keyboard is ruining your tips. Make sure you paint all the way down your nail and even a little underneath to seal the ends.

Image Source: Big Stock