13 Things Every Southern Girl Should Own: A Signature Lipstick Color

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Here’s the deal: if you’re a woman living in the great American South (or want to be) (or consider yourself a Southerner) there are a few things that every Southern girl should own. We’ve narrowed the list down to 13 items of equal importance and will be revealing them over the next couple of weeks. Here’s just one of things every Southern girl should own. 

The South is all about tradition and being known for something. Texas is known for football, Mississippi is known for its soul food and Florida is known for its sugar-sand beaches.  Your grandmother is known for her biscuits and your other grandmother is known for her sassy dinner table comments, that are both embarrassing and funny.

Those are just a few reason every proper Southern girl should have a signature lipstick color. Because you don’t want to be known for having weird feet or bad hair. (And if you have bad hair, having a signature lipstick color will take away from your hair flaws.)

If you already have a signature lipstick color, you know exactly what we are talking about. The one lipstick that no matter how bad your Monday has been, the moment the creamy tube of wax hits your lips, you are transformed. And you are beautiful (or at least that is what you tell yourself).

Ask any Southern girl and she will tell you she has vivid memories of her mama running to put on lipstick before answering the door, going to the grocery store or even going out to check the mail! She simply couldn’t be seen without “her lips on!” And honestly, you didn’t want to see her without her lips on. You wanted mom to look put together and all fancy.

How do you know what your signature color should be? It’s easy! All you need to know is your skin tone:

Fair Skin

Your best bet is going to be in the nude family. Peach, beige and soft pink are best for you. If you are going for super glam – a cool red is the way to go. Avoid deep chocolates and burgundies, the contrast it too dramatic and will make you look goth rather than chic.

Neutral with Olive Undertones

Blue-based reds are going to work best for this skin tone. Flesh tones with a gloss are also good for a more subdued look. Avoid purples at all costs. They bring out the yellow in your skin, make you look sick and make your teeth appear yellow as well.

Neutral with Pink Undertones

Peachy tones and soft corals work for a less dramatic look. Orange-based reds are perfect for a dramatic lip that will catch everyone’s eye. Avoid blue-based reds, they will clash with your skin tone and you end up looking like a hot mess.

Dark Skin

You are the lucky one of the group and can pretty much wear any color! Oranges and corals will really pop and can give you both a natural and a glam look. Avoid chalky or anything with white in it. No explanation needed.

Olive Skin

Hands down – a coral lipstick will be fabulous on you! Wear it everyday. With everything, please! Avoid purple (this is the second time we’ve eliminated this color…WHO is wearing purple lipstick??)


Tips for Everyone:

  • You may not be able to afford that trendy new dress everyone is talking about, but you CAN afford a tube of your signature lip color!
  • Want lips to appear more full? Gloss! Clear gloss won’t change your lipstick color, it simply adds shine. Or you can always choose a pigmented gloss if you prefer to apply color that way.
  • General rule: darker lipstick color = lips that appear thinner and we can’t think of anyone who wants thinner lips!

And for real, for real:  Just say no to brown lipstick. Coffee, mocha, whatever color it’s trying to disguise itself as– you’ll look like you are full of you know what. And even if you are full of that, you don’t have to look like it.


Image Source: BigStock, jules via Compfight cc,MuLaN™ via Compfight, cc Idhren via Compfight cc, Idhren via Compfight cc