4 Back to School Hairstyles for Long Hair


Whether you are headed back to the classroom yourself or styling the hair of someone who is headed back to school, there is nothing more important than the first-day hairstyle. Some girls claim they can gauge how the entire year is going to be based on their first-day hair. Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but everyone does want to look their very best when coming back from the 3-month summer break.

Obviously, long hair gives you more options, but sometimes more options can also be more confusing. We decided to help you out with this tutorial by rclbeauty101 for four, easy hairstyles to try on the first day.

4 Back to School Hairstyles for Long Hair: 

1. Braided Top Knot

2. French Braids and Ponytails

3. Fishtail Braid with a Braid

4. Modified French Twist


Photo Credit: YouTube