5 Reasons Cream Blush is Better Than Powder Blush


If you are going for soft, dewy look, a cream blush is the only way to go. In fact, it’s the go-to product for girls looking for that naturally flushed finish that is so hot right now. Don’t get us wrong, powder blush certainly has its place in our makeup arsenal, but it’s cream blush that has our hearts right now.

5 Reasons Cream Blush is Better Than Powder Blush:

1. It has moisturizing properties.

Cream blush is perfect those with dry or ahem, mature skin. It provides the perfect amount of hydration without being oily. If you have oily skin, you may want to apply cream blush and then set it with a translucent powder.

2. It can be multi-purpose.

Use it on your cheeks, then toss into your bag to use on your lips later! Try that with powder.

3. It’s buildable.

You can apply it in layers to give you the amount of color you want. Building powder blush can leave you with a streaky mess.

4. You can apply it multiple ways.

Prefer a sponge? That works. Want to use your fingers? You can. Like a brush? You guessed it, that works too!

5. It doesn’t break.

Ever dropped a powder blush only to have it shatter into millions of tiny pieces? That doesn’t happen to creams. Drop them and they stay completely intact.

Will you try a cream blush?

Image Source: Big Stock