6 of the Most Common Eye Shadow Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Eye shadow application is so deceiving, It sounds like it should be the easiest makeup to apply. Doesn’t it seem pretty straightforward? You take the powder, swipe it across your eyelids and you are done, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if it really was that simple. In reality, there’s a little more technique involved. But because we didn’t all go to makeup artist school, we often make mistakes. Not to mention the huge amount of products and YouTube tutorials out there that makes putting on eye shadow a bit overwhelming.

But fear not, because we’ve put together a list of some of the most common eye shadow mistakes that women make and how to fix them!

6 of the Most Common Eye Shadow Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1. Applying Concealer Before Eye Shadow

This mistake is basically an invitation for all the loose shadow that doesn’t stick to your lids to stick to your face and under your eyes. Talk about a mess! All you need to do to fix this mistake is apply your eye shadow first. This way, if any shadow does make its way to your face, you can easily dust it off.

2. Using Foundation Instead of Eye Shadow Primer

We know it is so tempting to do this, but your foundation serves a totally different purpose. It won’t hold your eyeshadow in place as well as a primer will. Foundation also has a tendency to stick to the creases making you appear tired. And nobody needs that! Use a primer instead of your foundation, your face will thank you for it.

3. Matching Eye Shadow to Your Eye Color

Seems like a good plan to match your shadow to your eye color, right? No, nothing could be farther from the truth. They are the same color so your eyes will just kind of blend in rather than pop! You need contrast to enhance your eyes so they will stand out. To fix this, if you have green eyes, try a purple or purple based shadow. For blue eyes, go for shades of browns. Are you a brown-eyed girl? Blues or grays are for you.

4. Not Blending 

Using more than one color gives your eyes the depth and structure we all crave. But if you apply the shadows and forget to blend, the lines are harsh and look messy. Ditch those sponge-tipped applicators and use a soft blending brush to soften the lines for a polished look that won’t quit.

5. Using a Sponge Applicator

You saw this one coming, right? Sponge applicators usually come with those fun eye shadow palettes you pick up at your favorite makeup store. They are so cute and soft, however, they will create an eyelid nightmare! They tend to pick up too much pigment which makes eye shadow look cakey. And as we said in #4, they are worthless as far as blending goes. Brushes are the only way to go!

6. Applying Too Much Shadow Below The Eye

When applying shadow under the eye along the lower lashes, it is important to keep the shadow very close to the lashline. If you go too low and it could look like you have dark circles. Use a liner brush to get the line just right and keep your eyes looking bright!

Photo Credit: Big Stock