6 Tips That Will Prevent Dry Skin All Winter

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Gone are the days of of air so heavy with water you could slice it with a knife. The humidity we curse all summer for making our faces shiny has gone into hibernation for the winter. To make matters worse, when cooler temperatures arrive our heaters come on causing indoor humidity levels to drop as well. All this dry air leaves our skin dry, parched and even dull.  But no need to fret, these simple tips will prevent dry skin keeping it hydrated and healthy all winter:

1. Limit showers and baths.

Keep showers or bath to a maximum of five to seven minutes and only one per day.  As tempting as it is to hang out in the hot shower for several minutes remind yourself the cold is temporary. Your skin will love you for it! BONUS: Once you do step out of the shower or bath, this is the optimal time to hydrate with lotion. This seals the moisture which helps keeps skin hydrated longer.

2. Use a mild soap.

Step away from the Life Boy and any other strong deodorant soap.  They are too powerful to use during the winter months and strip the natural oils from your skin making it dry and itchy.  Switch to a creamy or liquid soap. Keep in mind that if you haven’t worked up a sweat you may simply rinse off and not use a soap at all.

3. Moisturize as much as possible.

This is one of the easiest yet most overlooked thing you can do for your skin in the winter.  The richer the moisturizer, the better!  Pay particular attention to your face using moisturizer twice a day.  Don’t forget your hands which tend to dry out quickly and require frequent applications. Don’t forget the bonus tip of hydrating skin while it’s still wet from your shower or bath.

4. Exfoliation is a must!

Making sure the top layer of dulling, dry skin is gone will go a long way in your winter skin routine.  Not only does it allow your moisturizing products to work more effectively, exfoliation keeps your skin glowing! Try not to use gritty exfoliators, instead opt for one that relies on enzymes to gently remove dull skin. Our skin may be the largest organ we have, but it is also one of the most fragile.

5. Protect your skin. 

This may seem a little silly to some but trust us, protecting your skin from the elements is very important and beneficial.  Wearing gloves, hats and scarves will really cut down on water loss caused by exposure to hydration-sucking wind and cold air.

6. Hydrate from the inside out.

We don’t know about you, but when the temperatures drop so does our desire to drink water. Maybe it’s because we are conditioned to drink it cold and the thought of that makes us shiver from the inside out! But guess what? Warm water counts too! So warm up some water, add a squeeze of lemon and drink up! Just make you drink more than the recommended sixty four ounces per day to keep your skin nice and soft.

We hope everyone finds these tips helpful and that your skin stays nice and hydrated this winter! What tips do you have for keeping skin hydrated?