6 Tips to Protect Your Hair From the Pool


We are headed into the final stretch of summer which means by now, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time at the pool. All of that chlorine along with the sun can wreak havoc on your tresses so we put together a few tips to help it survive these last weeks.

6 Tips to Protect Your Hair From the Pool

1. Shower before you go. 

This may seem a little odd to shower before you dive in, but the health of your hair depends on it. If your hair is already wet, it has very little ability to absorb chlorine. If you can’t shower beforehand, keep a spray bottle of water in your pool bag and saturate your hair before entering the pool.

2. Try a poolside hot oil treatment.

A light coating of olive oil is the perfect way to keep hair healthy. Make sure you wear a swim cap or hat while the oil in your hair; otherwise the sun will cook the oil.

3. Rinse, swim, repeat. 

We already suggested wetting hair prior to diving in and you should also rinse after swimming. You don’t even need shampoo, a simple rinse with cool water will help your hair keep its color and strength.

4. Don’t forget the swim cap.

We know this probably looks a little silly, but it does keep your hair dry and protected from the metals in water. To keep hair additionally protected, apply a deep conditioner or olive oil before putting the cap on.

5. Been to the salon? Wash hair thoroughly before swimming. 

Obviously, this doesn’t apply if you’ve had a simply cut, but if you had any type of chemical service you need to wash your hair. If you don’t, the chemicals on your hair could react with the chemicals in the pool. The result is not pretty!

6. Apple cider vinegar is your friend.

Accidents do happen and we occasionally end up with a green tint to our hair due to chlorine deposits. Don’t worry! You can take care of it at home with an apple cider vinegar rinse. It will remove the green tint while also removing any product buildup you may have. Just follow up wth a deep conditioner to replace any lost moisture.


Photo credit: Big Stock