7 Genius Hacks That Make Mornings a Breeze

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Nobody likes the way they feel when they wake up only to see they have overslept. By an hour. Not only are we mourning the loss of that leisurely time of coffee, shower and makeup, but we know everything is a mad dash for the next half hour. Heart rates rise and heads pound (although that could be left over from the previous night’s fun) as the race out the door begins! You need to get ready and you need to do it quickly!

These hacks will help make these crazy mornings a breeze:

1. Fake clean hair. If you have long hair pull it up into a classic low ponytail. No one will even know! Short hair? Sprinkle in a little dry shampoo, style and go!

Photo Credit/Instagram User: kylalr

2. Multi-task. You need multi-purpose products if you are going to get out the door quick! A beauty balm that combines your foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen in one step is a must! 

3. Faux iron. Wear a cute jacket or cardigan and iron only the part of the shirt that is visible. If you do decide to shower, let it double as a steamer! Hang your outfit and let the wrinkles steam out.

Photo Credit/Instagram User: solangjol

4. Combine products. Use that lip tint as your blush and remember that eye shadow can double as a liner. 

5. The eyes have it. Apply one light, neutral color all over the lid. No time for conturing today. Add a little liner and mascara and you are ready to face the day. (see what we did there?)

6. Bars. A breakfast bar is the quickest, handiest way to get out the door on a frantic morning. If you must eat a real breakfast, eat prior to dressing so you don’t spill anything on your clothes costing you even more time.

7. Plan. Plan in advance for days like this and have at least one go-to, non-ironing, no fuss outfit you can easily throw on and head out the door.

This outfit is perfect! No ironing and can be adjusted to fit the seasons. Throw on a leather or denim jacket in spring or fall. Add leggings or tights and boots in winter! All year, easy!

We hope these tips make those frantic mornings less stressful! What tips do you have for days like these?