9 of the Best Halloween Manicures Ever


You may not have your Halloween costume picked out, but we hope you have an idea about your mani. These days, if you aren’t in the mood to dress up in a costume, you can dress up your nails in ways that are even better than a costume. In case you haven’t noticed, nail art has basically taken over the world!

9 of the Best Halloween Manicures Ever: 

1. Zipper Fingers

Wow is pretty much all we can say about this manicure. Is it still called a mani when it doesn’t stop at the end of your nail?



Source: nailsbybigred


2. Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

This one is adorable. Even her eyelashes are cute.



Source: tichetown


3. Vampire Nails

This mani is super creative with vampire teeth on one nail and bloody drips on the others.




4. Coraline

If you are a fan, but don’t want to dress up, do your nails in this mani for the same effect.





5. OUCH!

Look very closely, this is a manicure! We couldn’t believe how real (and painful!) they looked either. Great trick for Halloween.


Oh yikes! #halloweenmani

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6. Spiders and Spiderwebs

Spider themes are common on Halloween, so why not on your nails too?





7. Dia de los Muertes

This manicure is full of color and fun, yet is still perfect for Halloween. (Even if the holiday is actually the following day!)


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8. Halloween Colors

This mani is perfect for the girl (like me!) who is a chicken and afraid of scary things!



9. Haunted House

There is nothing scarier than a haunted house on Halloween!



Image Source: Instagram/@tichetown