9 Ways to Make a Bad Hair Day Work


Bad hair days are the bane of our existence. How we go to bed with amazing hair and wake up looking like a we’ve been run over by a truck remains a mystery. The choice between that extra half hour in bed and wanting your hair to look good is probably one of the hardest decisions to make. Especially when it’s simply too early in the morning.

So whether you chose the advantage of extra time in bed or you just didn’t want to be bothered to tame your wild locks, we’ve got you covered.

9 Ways to Make a Bad Hair Day Work:

1. Pull it up in a ponytail. This is the go-to look for the bad hair day. It’s easy to perfect and can look very put-together. (We won’t tell your secret!)

2. Go for the messy updo or messy bun. This style is a bad hair day lifesaver. They can hide a lot of issues including the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in a few days.

3. Braid it. Another great way to disguise a bad morning look. There are so many different types of braids, you can easily find one that matches your outfit for the day.

4. If you have bangs, make them the center of attention. Pull up or braid the rest of your hair and wash only your bangs. No one will ever know the difference.

5. Dry shampoo is your friend. If you really don’t have time to wash it, dry shampoo will lessen the appearance of oiliness. Spray near the roots and brush it down to the ends for a look that won’t stop!

6. Part your hair on the opposite side to give it extra volume if flatness is your bane.

7. If you have the time, wash the ends of your hair. This adds moisture and shine and will actually let you blow dry and style it the way you want.

8. If you have curly or wavy hair that is falling flat, add a little styling product to make it look fresh. Divide your hair into sections, apply the product of choice and use your hands to fluff hair back to life.

9. Accessorize. If you’ve tried everything to manage your bad hair day but nothing is working; resort to headbands, clips or even a hat to hide it! You’ll still look cute and no one has to know any different!

Photo Credit: Big Stock