How To Get Jessie James Decker’s Signature High Ponytail


Jessie James Decker’s style is one of my favorites right now, from her clothes to her makeup to, of course, her hair. One of her most signature red carpet looks is this teased high ponytail– a look that can be casual or dressy depending on how you style it.

Thanks to the Opry’s “Spotlight Beauty,” we’ve got tips on how to get the look so you can channel your inner Jessie James Decker on the reg.


  • Spray down your hair with hairspray or texturizing spray.
  • Curl your hair loosely to form beachy waves. If the curls are too tight, brush them through a few times.
  • Tease the crown of your hair and put it up in a ponytail, leaving large pieces down in the front.
  • Tease the remaining front pieces to form your “poof” and secure them with an elastic with the rest of your ponytail.