Lazy Girl’s Beauty Guide: 12 Easy Tips to Simplify Your Life

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When done right, beauty can take a lot of effort. Which is why lazy girls need simplicity and we need short cuts. Looking great should be fun, not a chore! And some of us just don’t have the time or energy necessary to look put together all the time.

Below is a list of beauty hacks that will save you a lot of hassle so you can look great every day!

1. Keep hair color from fading by using an at-home deep conditioner once monthly. This saves time-consuming trips to the salon.

2. Use tinted moisturizer. It’s the lazy girls go-to product as a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen all in one product.

3. Don’t have time for a full pedicure but plan to wear open-toe shoes? Put the shoe on and paint only the nails that are visible.

4. Keep instant dry top coat in your nail polish arsenal. You can apply it to slightly wet polish and it will dry it completely in less than 60 seconds.

5. Clothing wrinkled? Hang in the bathroom while taking a hot shower to “steam” wrinkles out.

6. Lip color can double as a cream cheek color. This saves time and an additional product.

7. Revive mid-day hair droop with a little pomade rubbed into hands. “Scrunch” hair for a fresh look.

8. Use your concealer as an eye shadow base.

9. Using a flat iron? Save time AND your hair by allowing it to air dry rather than blow drying with additional heat.

10. No time to wash your hair? Dry shampoo works well or just braid it. It will stay better anyway.

11. Chipped nail color with no time for a mani? Apply a top layer of “crackle” polish to hide the chips.

12. Too tired to wash your face? Keep facial cleanser wipes to use in a pinch.

Hopefully these make your life easier and more beautiful!