Lazy Girl’s Guide to 5 Fast Hairstyles

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The lazy days of summer are here and the last thing we want to do is spend tons of time fixing our hair that is probably going to melt in the humidity anyway. Alas, there are still times we need to look put together. You know, like for that thing you have called a job. Or your best friend’s wedding.

However, we know that most hairstyles take way more time than you actually have. “Five minutes” in the world of hair tutorials usually doesn’t account for the half-hour of trial and error. So, in an effort to help get you out the door faster, we found five hairstyles that really take just five minutes.

Here are 5 Fast Hairstyles for the Lazy Girl:

1. Beachy Waves

Run a wave iron over your tresses quickly for a look that is casual yet still put together.



2. Updated Low Pony Tail

This is a great way to look chic with a super quick do. Scrunch hair with a little mousse to give it an updated look that won’t quit!


3. Sock Bun

We know this isn’t exactly a new thing, but they are so easy to do and look very pulled together and chic, you could do this on days you have plenty of time!

Friday = donuts and sock bun day #because #merica ??

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4. Side Fishtail Braid

Braiding it to one side rather than just straight down your back, makes it look like you put forth a little more effort than you actually did!



5. Headband

When all else fails, throw on a headband! Less than 5 minutes and it covers a multitude of hair sins.

Trying out making these lace headbands lately ? so cute!

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Photo Credit: Instagram/@rcannon2, @fscharliesalon, @briana.adams, @christine_herbst, @twistedallure, Big Stock