16 Best Fan Bases in College Football

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College football – the most popular amateur sport in the country-– has hundreds of fan bases; some small, others not so much (hence the reason some schools have stadiums that fit more than 100,000 screaming fans). Taking everything into account from stadium size, attendance, social media followings, and a number of other factors, here are the best fan bases in college football.

16 Best Fan Bases in College Football:

16. University of Arkansas

While Florida State has a unique chant of its own, there might not be one better than “Woo Pig Sooie.” The tradition of “Calling the Hogs” by itself puts Arkansas fans on the list.

15. Clemson University

Clemson fans will tell you– they are the real Tigers, and they play in the real Death Valley. The fans go absolutely bananas each home game as the team gathers to “Run Down the Hill” after rubbing Howard’s Rock.

14. Florida State University

With plenty of history and tradition, this is one of the most storied programs in college football. There’s no question that the Seminole “War Chant” is one of the best chants in college football.

13. Auburn University

They might not be the kingpin of football in the state of Alabama, but Auburn fans might have the most widely known football traditions. The Tiger Walk and the Eagle Soar both are often imitated but never duplicated. They Auburn’s treasures.

12. Penn State University

Penn State alumni associate themselves with their university as loyally as any alum of any school around the country. That loyalty extends to the school’s football team, even amidst all the adversity the school has recently faced. At over 96,000 attendees per game, win or lose, Penn State fans come out no matter what is going on with the program.

11. University of Tennessee

A game in Knoxville is as good as it gets on the college football circuit. And the best seats may not even be among the 102,455 at Neyland Stadium, but on one of the party boats in the Vol Navy along the Tennessee River.

10. University of Oregon

True college football fans know that Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon is among the most intimidating home venues in the entire nation. The fans make the stadium experience deafening to the point where the experience of other college football stadiums sound like a pathetic whimper.

9. University of Oklahoma

The Sooners averaged over 85,000 fans a game last season, which is 103 percent over the listed capacity at Memorial Stadium. Not many teams in the country average more fans than the stadium holds, but Oklahoma is one of the few.

8. University of Georgia

While the Atlanta Falcons might be the state’s professional football team, it’s the University of Georgia that is easily the most beloved football team in the state. Simply shout “Go Dawgs!” anywhere you are, and you’ll instantly hear a chorus of people doing their best bulldog bark impersonation.

7. Texas A&M University

In a state where football is a religion, and its massive universities serve as Saturday congregations at the altar of pigskin, perhaps no school has more loyal followers than Texas A&M. Watching the fans sway at the end of the Aggie War Hymn, causing the entire upper deck of Kyle Field to move, is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in collegiate sports.

6. Notre Dame

You either love them or you hate them, but there’s no denying the Fighting Irish have an ardent following. Like Duke in basketball, an inordinate number of Notre Dame fans have no direct tie to the school — they’re just folks who latched on to the program and cheer for them as if they’ve paid four children’s tuition’s.

5. University of Florida

Every Saturday, Florida fans transform Ben Hill Griffin Stadium into “The Swamp” — one of the most frightening experiences for visiting teams in the nation. All you can see is an ocean of 91,916 fans “Gator chomping” their arms together.

4. The Ohio State University

Ohio State fans will undoubtedly scoff at the idea of being ranked below their hated University of Michigan. After all, what school would have fans cover up all the “M’s” on campus buildings before playing Michigan? Their stadium, the “Horseshoe,” is no stranger to incredible football crowds, packing in an average of 107,244 fans per game in 2016 (2nd in college football, behind only Michigan).

3. University of Michigan

The official capacity of Michigan Stadium is listed at 107,601 attendees. Yet, somehow, an average of 110,168 fans of the maize-and-blue packed “The Big House” each Saturday during last football season. No stadium in the country had more fans attend each game than the Wolverines.

2. Louisiana State University

There might not be a tougher place in the entire country to play a night game than Tiger Stadium. The fans are relentless throughout the game. And when LSU is not playing at home, the fans are not afraid to travel wherever their beloved Bengal Tigers are playing.

1. University of Alabama

A wonderful, eclectic mix of blue bloods, rednecks, fraterity bros and sorority sisters combine to create the most passionate fan base in college football. And if you don’t believe it, just ask them. Tradition runs deep in Tuscaloosa.