Best Country Music for New Year’s

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Champagne, a big crystal ball and music are the three pillars of any New Year’s Eve celebration. If you’re hosting a good old-fashioned country party for the big night. Make sure to add these three songs to your playlist for the night. Your guests will be square dancing as the clock strikes midnight!

“New Year’s Day”

Charlie Robinson

Mr. Robinson couldn’t care less that it’s New Year’s, because what does that change? This song gets right to the point: You should live each day the same way, and do what you need to do. “It’s New Year’s Day here on the border / And it’s always been this way / I never do the things I oughta / I think I’ll stay, it’s New Year’s Day.” Hey, he even thinks it’s the perfect day to go get a divorce!

“Happy New Year”

Kid Rock

For a more frisky crowd, take in some Kid Rock as he sings about all the resolutions he plans to keep for his dear—“I’ll quit smokin’, I’ll quit eatin’ / I’m not jokin’, I’ll quit cheatin’ / I’ll quit cursin’, I’ll quit drinkin’ / I’ll be a better person, but tonight I’m thinkin’” about how for one more night they should party until the sun comes up. Oh, and of course kiss at the strike of midnight! “Kiss me, pretty, kiss me, pretty / When that ball drops on New York City / When that clock strikes I’ll pull you near / Just to wish you Happy New Year.”

“Maybe Baby (New Year’s Day)”


Do you head back to your hometown to celebrate the holidays each year? It sounds like the Sugarland duo does, as they sing about “Running into all of our old high school friends / This whole town ringing in one more year.” Well, if you’re reuniting with your high school friends for New Year’s Eve, Sugarland’s soulful ballad to a long-ago sweetheart—“Screaming at the ball on the TV counting down / Streamers and papers piling up on the ground / Baby did you come here alone? / Are you maybe looking for someone? / To kiss you?”—is a great song with which to reminisce about your own high school love.