Best Valentine’s Day Movies for Any Relationship


Valentine’s Day is all about the vibe. It’s not that you have to go all out and wrap a brand new Lexus in a bow (that’s totally a Christmas thing), it’s about acknowledgement. Acknowledgement in the form of a gift, words or your time. Or in this case, setting the vibe with the perfect romantic movie. It has to be somewhat romantic because no matter how much you love “Silence of the Lambs,” it’s all about the vibe.

Here are the best romantic movies to watch, no matter what stage of a relationship you’re in:

You’re Not Even Sure if You’re Dating, But You’re Together on a Couch: “Hitch”

It’s funny and offers up tips on how to act (or not act) when dating or trying to date someone. Plus, Kevin James dances in it.

You’re Definitely Dating: “Say Anything”

A couple so different that they couldn’t be any more right for each other. And that boombox.

You’re in the Middle of Planning a Wedding: “Bridesmaids”

There’s nothing better than watching people act like total maniacs prior to a wedding.

You’re Married: “When Harry Met Sally”

In the end, we all figure out that love doesn’t ruin friendships. And sometimes, we all need to remember that you should be friends with the person you love.

You’ve Been Married for Decades: “Walk The Line”

The real-life story of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash who made it through every peak and valley imaginable with a lot of love and a lot of devotion. Plus, the music is fantastic.

Other Excellent Choices:

“You’ve Got Mail”

“Pride and Prejudice”

“The Princess Bride”

“It Happened One Night”


Image Source: YouTube