Best Whiskey in Every State


Most people will agree, the absolute best whiskey in America comes from Kentucky. Likewise, Tennessee’ is most famous for Jack Daniels . But what about whiskeys from other states? Are they worth sampling?

Below are the best whiskeys in every state that aren’t Kentucky or Tennessee. So can any of these distilleries wrestle the long-held whiskey crown from Kentucky and Tennessee? You be the judge.

Best Whiskeys in Every State:

1. Alabama
John’s Alabama Single Malt, John Emerald

The state’s first whiskey distillery in 100 years and has one product, a smoked whiskey with peach and pecan wood.

2. Alaska
Alaska Outlaw Whiskey, Alaska Distillery

Aside from Alaska Outlaw Whiskey, they also distill smoked salmon vodka.

3. Arizona
Whiskey Del Bac, Hamilton Distillers

Single-malt, 100 percent barley, and truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Arkansas
Hickory Smoked Whiskey, Rock Town

They utilize 100 percent Arkansas ingredients.

5. California
Hop Flavored Whiskey, Charbay
Hop flavored whiskies aren’t just unique, they are delicious.

6. Colorado
Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey, Leopold Bros
Made from Palisade peaches from Colorado, blended with traditional sour mash whiskey made of corn and rye, this whiskey is a dessert in a glass.

7. Connecticut
Batcher’s Bourbon, Litchfield
This whiskey is currently being bottled at eight years of age, which is quite old for a micro-distillery.

8. Delaware
Diamond State Bourbon Whiskey, Painted Stavec
It’s the sort of bourbon to bring to a friend’s dinner party if you want to mix whiskey sours.

9. Florida
Port Finished Bourbon, St. Augustine
This community-owned distillery makes their Port Finished Bourbon age in barrels from a nearby winery.

10. Georgia
Despite excessively harsh alcohol laws, Thirteenth Colony managed to produce a decent rye whiskey.

11. Hawaii
Hawaiian Moonshine, Island Distillers
There is not a single aged whiskey made in the Aloha State, but there is this Moonshine, based on the traditional spirit once drunk by Hawaiian kings.

12. Idaho
Idaho Bourbon, Idaho Whiskey
This distillery’s flagship product, Idaho Whiskey, is a small-batch bourbon that has become a top seller in the state’s government-run liquor stores.

13. Illinois
FEW Rye, FEW Spirits
Spicy and good.

14. Indiana
Just Whiskey, The Indiana Whiskey Co.
This company prides itself on manufacturing an excellent, robust Wheated Bourbon with strong vanilla and caramel notes; made with local grains and local made stills.

15. Iowa
Iowa Bourbon, Cedar Ridge
It’s a very lightweight style, almost delicate, finishing clean with a touch of heat.

16. Kansas
Union Horse Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Union Horse
Smelling almost like a Cherry Coke without any fizz, this bourbon finish brings a tasteful heat that needs to be savored.

17. Louisiana
Riz, Atelier Vie
Riz, a whiskey made from rice.

18. Maine
Fifty Stone, Maine Craft Distilling
In a city known for world-class beer, this Portland distillery makes a Highland-style peated single malt.

19. Maryland
Maryland Free State Rye, Lyon Distilling
Pleasant with a slight bitter chocolate on the finish.

20. Massachusetts
Notch, Triple Eight
A12-year-old single malt that has won plenty of awards.

21. Michigan
Federalist 12th Organic Rye, Journeyman
Named for the 12th essay in The Federalist Papers, this Journeyman whiskey refers to Alexander Hamilton’s proposal that the government should collect taxes on alcohol.

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22. Minnesota
Eleven Wells Wheat Whiskey. Eleven Wells
Eleven Wells discloses the most information of any distillery on planet earth. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you.

23. Mississippi
Gold Coast, Cathead
Gold Coast is a white whiskey distilled from Lazy Magnolia beer.

24. Missouri
Double Barrel Rallypoint, StilL 630
Won “Best in Class: Whiskey” at the 2016 American Craft Spirits Association awards.

25. Montana
Straight Rye Whiskey, RoughStock
A rye whiskey that brings to mind the wild wild west, the rodeo, and the all-American cowboy.

26. Nebraska
Cut Spike Single Malt, Cut Spike
Cut Spike uses Scottish copper stills. That’s rare in the States, but it works for them.

27. Nevada
Mahogany Whiskey, Verdi Local Distillery
Aged on mountain mahogany.

28. New Hampshire
Sweet Lips Cherry Bounce,Tamworth
A rye whiskey blended with fresh Montmorency cherries.

29. New Jersey
Single Run Series, Cooper River
This beer-distilled whiskey offers a very intriguing nose, with hops, citrus, lemon zest, floral notes and dried fruits.

30. New Mexico
Single Malt Whiskey, Colkegan
This is a must try for peaty Scotch lovers looking for something quite different, yet equally satisfying.

31. New York
Double Cask Rye, Hillrock Estate
A rich and impressive rye, with well integrated flavors of spice and sweetness.

32. North Carolina
Blue Ridge Whiskey, Blue Ridge Distillery
The finish is very long, and while mostly pleasant, it’s also a bit hot, and offers a lasting note of black pepper.

33. North Dakota
2DOCKS Fire, Proof
Proof is the only whiskey distiller in the state. And its cinnamon whiskey is decent.

34. Ohio
Tom’s Foolery Bonded Bourbon, Tom’s Foolery
Their bonded-in-bond bourbon is among the first craft bourbons to carry a bonded title.

35. Oklahoma
Leadslingers Whiskey, Leadslingers
Distilled from a mashbill of mostly corn, this bourbon spends time aging in both new and used American oak barrels.

36. Oregon
Small Batch Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey, Westward
This is not an American whiskey trying to be a Scotch or Irish whiskey, and it certainly is not anywhere close to a bourbon. Simply put, it’s rather unique.

37. Pennsylvania
Rye Whiskey, Dad’s Hat
This classic straight rye whiskeys is flat-out tasty — no bells and whistles needed.

38. Rhode Island
Battle Cry, Sons of Liberty
The hoppiness of the beer is very prevalent in the flavor of this whiskey.

39. South Carolina
New Southern Revival Bourbon, High Wire
Supremely nutty – walnut and pecan practically leap out of the glass.

40. South Dakota
Bickering Brothers, Dakota Spirits
South Dakota’s only aged whiskey maker, which is a blend of 50% straight bourbon and 50% un-aged grain spirit.

41. Texas
True Blue, Balcones
By far the best whiskey distillery in Texas.

42. Utah Valley Tan Whiskey, High West
In 2016, High West was named Distiller of the Year by Whisky Advocate.

43. Vermont Vermont Estate Oak 15 Year, Whistle Pig
Honeysuckle is strong in the initial taste with a heavy rye presence on the mid-palate. The lingering finish is full of tobacco.

44. Virginia Rye Whiskey, Copper Fox
This whiskey has good bones to it, as its smoked over applewood.

45. Washington
Garryana, Westland
Easily the best non-Kentucky/Tennessee whiskey in America — mature, refined, yeasty, and quite flavorful.

46. West Virginia
Old Scout Rye, Smooth Ambler
Rye lovers will definitely dig this and novices could taste this as a worthy primer that hits all the essential elements of a spice rack.

47. Wisconsin
A medium-bodied beer that is highly carbonated and intense with peach flavor.

48. Wyoming
Double Cask Wyoming Whiskey, Wyoming Whiskey Distillery
Don’t let the bland name and simple packaging fool you. It’s legit.