This Book Display is For All Those Readers That Like Big Books (And Cannot Lie)


Maybe you’re not a huge fan of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” but when you replace the lyrics with something more appreciative of books, it becomes hard to resist. The Virginia Beach Public Library boasts this banner, handmade by librarian Brittney Ash, who found the rhyme on Pinterest and couldn’t resist adding it to the library. This isn’t Ash’s first invention, either. Known for her creative use of library space, she also crafted an igloo out of milk cartons in the children’s room, to encourage younger readers to settle down with a good book.

In a response to the popular post on Facebook, the Virginia Beach Public Library said that Ash’s goal was to “generate excitement and discovery of books and reading.” We think she probably accomplished this, or at least inspired a new generation of rappers.