Bread is now Dangerous for Ducks and their Ecosystems

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When helping hurts.

This tweet has been circulating the internet recently and people are feeling guilty for hurting the ducks they are trying to care for.

If you read the sign it says that bread makes ducks sick and is dangerous for their ecosystems. I’m completely on board for protecting wildlife and waterfowl ecosystems. We need more of that. The sign goes on to give us some friendly alternatives to feed the lil’ pond paddlers: corn, oats, and chopped lettuce. Ok, that’s great! That’s easy.

But, two of the options are a bit extra: cooked rice and halved seedless grapes. C’mon, now. I’m lucky if I get around to cooking rice for myself. I can’t imagine whipping up some sushi rice for a mallard.

And why do ducks need grapes? You’re going to tell me ducks don’t like bread but they’ll settle for cut grapes? What are they, toddlers? Yeah, I don’t like oatmeal for breakfast but I’ll settle for a chef making me omelets while I get ready for work.

Corn, chopped lettuce, cooked rice…it’s almost as if they expect you to give your take home sides to ducks. That hungry guy on the corner would like something to eat, but you know who would really appreciate it? Yeah, city ducks.

Moral of the story– think about what you are throwing to ducks.

But also, it’s a duck. It can feed itself.