3 Breakfast Quiches That Might Become Your New Favorite Meal


You can’t really go wrong when the first ingredient is bacon drippings. Casseroles usually have a bad rap at family meals, but this one of grits, bacon, and cheddar cheese might have you rethinking your bias. If you’re on the go and need quick microwavable quiches, we’ve got that too. We recommend these served with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, or possibly a side of sweet tea.

1. Easy Breakfast Quiche

This is the classic recipe, passed down for generations. We’re just kidding, of course, but this is a simple way to make the quiche that we’ve all come to be familiar with. Try it out for an easy and traditional breakfast pie.

2. Microwave Quiche

So you desperately need to get out the door, the kids are screaming, and you’ve just got to have some protein. Look no further than this microwavable breakfast quiche. Easy in a pinch, and just as delicious, this quiche will have you craving this simple breakfast every morning.

3. This Bacon Quiche

You can’t go wrong with bacon. Or grits. Try this quiche to combine familiar flavors into one flavorful and delicious breakfast. You won’t regret it.