11 Southern Breweries You Need to Tour This Weekend by State


Craft beer is everywhere, but good beer is hard to find. If you don’t know an American Pale from a Porter, it’s near impossible to even know what you’re ordering. That’s why we suggest (if you’re of legal drinking age in America) seeking out an adventure at a craft brewery. Brewery tours tell you everything you want to know about beer and most will give you a couple samples so you can figure out what you like.

To note: we live in the South, so a road trip to us is Bible Belt-ish, though we know other areas of this great land have excellent breweries worth visiting (the west coast has a lot to offer). Always check with the brewery before visiting–some have strange hours or require reservations.

11 Southern Breweries You Need to Tour This Weekend by State:

1. Arkansas

Lost Forty Brewing in Little Rock, AR

Arkansas is upping their beer game across the state but this brewery has the state talking. Lost Forty is the new kid on the block in Arkansas and they are making a splash fast. Their restaurant and taproom is a city favorite and their growing beer list has something for everyone. A must-stop if you are going through Little Rock!

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2. Alabama

Good People Brewing in Birmingham, AL

Good People is across the street from the Birmingham Baron’s ballpark and has built a reputation for creating an excellent year-round selection. Alabama has been really slow in the craft beer game, but Good People hasn’t let that hold them back from creating excellent beers and a welcoming taproom. A ballgame and a brew in Birmingham? Yes, please!

3. Mississippi

Lazy Magnolia in Kiln, MS

Lazy Magnolia is Mississippi’s oldest brewery and the first in the state since prohibition in 1907. Man, they have made up for lost time and are doing it right! You really can’t go wrong with their beer selection. They offer two tour options with varying access to the brewery and swag bags to send you on your way in style.

4. Louisiana

Abita in Abita Springs, LA

Abita is the largest producing brewery in the south and brings Bayou charm to their brew tour. The brewery recently underwent a $12 million renovation which included a 11,200 square foot tasting room. Tours a family friendly (under 21 get in free and will love their root beer) and the restaurant on site is a must-visit when the tour ends.

5. Florida

Persimmon Hollow in DeLand, FL

DeLand is 30 inland from Daytona Beach and a perfect little town to take a break in if you are traveling along 95. Persimmon Hollow is located in historic downtown DeLand and features an impressive list of seasonal and core brews. They also serve killer tacos in the taproom. Tacos, good beer, Daytona- what’s there not to love?

6. Georgia

Reformation Brewery in Woodstock, GA

It is no mistake that Reformation is the highest rated brewery in the state. The brewery is passionate about quality beer and bringing people together in a community atmosphere. They focus on Belgian styles, which are very accessible to the beer newbie, and really exciting if you want to try something new. They also offer a velvet porter, which, oh man, is something that inspires dreams for us dark beer fans.

7. South Carolina

Westbrook Brewing in Mount Pleasant, SC

In my opinion, Westbrook Brewery beats out the other competition in the Palmetto state. There always seems to be something exciting going on in their elegant tasting room. As I am writing this, they are offering a White Thai witbier and a strawberry rhubarb Berliner weisse- in short, you have never tried beer like this before and will likely have your mind blown if you go there.

8. North Carolina

Wicked Weed in Asheville, NC

The Wicked Weed “Funkatorium” is on every beer enthusiast’s bucket list. If Asheville (which is a great place to visit) is the capitol of craft beer in America and Wicked Weed is the crown jewel. It’s eccentric, fun, and an all around adventure. The food is as popular as the 20+ beers they offer.

9. Tennessee

Yazoo Brewing Company in Nashville, TN

Yazoo is the standout in Nashville’s burgeoning craft beer scene. They own three spots in the top 10 Tennessee beers and show no sign of slowing down. The brewery is located in the heart of the city (the Gulch for those familiar with Nashville) and is a great stop for tourists and locals alike.

10. South Texas

Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, TX

Shiner, TX is halfway between San Antonio and Houston, which makes the home of Shiner Bock a perfect road trip stop. Spoetzl brews a full range of German style beers and seasonal selections so you should have no problem finding something you enjoy.

11. North Texas

Lakewood Brewery in Garland, TX

Lakewood is one of, if not the best brewery in the DFW area and has a consistent calendar of events at their taproom and event center. Their specialty beers are excellent, but don’t skip their year-round selections. The Temptress is a fantastic choice for dark beer lovers.