7 Times Brittany Aldean Has Given Us Major Hair Envy

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If you scroll through Brittany Aldean’s Instagram, you’ll find lots of photos of her and Jason, her girlfriends, and of course their fur babies. But every time I scroll through Brittany Aldean’s Instagram, I find myself getting major hair envy.

Whether she’s wearing it straight or curly or even in braids, it looks flawless every. single. time. So Brittany, we have to ask: WHAT’S YOUR SECRET???? She’s shared tutorials with us before, but there has to be some voodoo magic she’s working on those locks to get them to look that good.

7 Times Brittany Aldean Has Given Us Major Hair Envy:


This is NOT what my hair would look like if I casually tried to flip it all onto one side of my head.


No matter how hard I try to make my ponytails look fashionable, I always end up looking like a 12-year-old boy, but Brittany keeps it feminine by letting some tendrils hang down in the front.


I remember in elementary and middle school, I’d go to bed with my hair wet and in braids so when I woke up, I’d have perfectly crimped hair. This is what I thought I looked like (major emphasis on the thought).


Post-blowout Brittany basically looks like a Greek Goddess.


How does something as simple as french braids looks runway-ready on her??


And of course she pulls off the half-up high pony. OF COURSE.