Southerners Are Appalled By This Rave Review For Brooklyn BBQ


Some of the worst barbecue in the world is from New York City. They are the capital of pizza, Italian cuisine, and a dozen other styles of food but their brisket is appalling. In my opinion, if you are crazy enough to think that you should eat BBQ in New York, you deserve to eat bad food. But Munchies, a food-focused website, thinks that is changing. They think Brooklyn BBQ is taking over and recently posted a picture of a barbecue “dinner.” The only problem is that it is the saddest looking meal you have ever seen.

“Why is Brooklyn barbecue taking over the world?” they asked. They went on to note how Brooklyn’s unique style has spread to South America and Japan, but the picture they posted makes me question everything.


I will repeat your question right back to you, Munchies: Why is Brooklyn barbecue taking over the world? There must be some kind of mistake. Sad, grey brisket with whole pickles for the sides, doughy rolled and a jar of beer. Every pitmaster just died or rolled over in their graves.

Luckily, Southerners took it to Munchies for their terrible judgment.


We are more than happy to let you keep that kind of BBQ, Brooklyn. We’ll just enjoy our fall-off-the-bone ribs, thick brisket, tender pulled pork and rainbow of brilliant sauce options in the South.