Make Your Own Bubble Tea With This Super Simple Tutorial


Bubble tea is all the rage in up and coming metropolitan areas. This Asian drink category includes teas with milk added, fruit smoothies, and an assortment of tapioca balls and jellies that are put into the bottom of the drink to be consumed through an extra large straw (where the balls are referred to as boba).

Even if solid food in your drink isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the slightly sweet, creamy, delicious, and fairly healthy beverage from the comfort of your own home (sans boba). And the best part is, you can customize it however you want it. No sugar? No problem. Lactose issues? Substitute your favorite milk stand-in for the usual dairy products.

This stuff might look weird, but it’ll replace your expensive Starbucks before you know it. Whether you drink an ice cold version in the summer, or a heated version in the winter, this drink is one you’ve got to try. Check it out.