Budweiser Has A New Beer Based On A Recipe Once Halted By The Prohibition


Great news, beer fanatics! Budweiser just announced that they’re releasing a limited-edition 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager, giving beer lovers the chance to experience (and taste) a piece of history.

According to Budweiser, the recipe dates back to pre-Prohibition times when Adolphus Busch created a special Amber Lager for all of his friends and community to enjoy. Once the Prohibition hit in 1920, the beer didn’t ever get the chance to be distributed outside St. Louis. That is, until now!

“The Prohibition era marks a defining moment for the Great American Lager, as the brand, and the country, faced 13 years without a drop of beer. Budweiser’s limited-edition 1933 Repeal Reserve is brewed to recognize and raise a cold one to America’s determination through Prohibition,” a release from the company states.

“We are excited to mark the upcoming holiday season and the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition with this new brew based on a forgotten recipe,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president, Budweiser. “While Budweiser Repeal Reserve is a great tasting Amber Lager, it also tells the story of an important part of our history and gives reason for celebration.”

As part of the launch, Budweiser is also unveiling a fleet of antique cars in partnership with Lyft. Starting Wednesday, October 25, New Yorkers will have a chance to score the Bud Vintage Mode for a ride in an authentic, vintage car to experience the 1930’s first-hand. During the specialized ride, passengers will drive through New York, passing landmarks and neighborhoods that were integral to the Prohibition, while learning about the newly released beer. Sounds like a blast!