10 Planners Way Too Organized To Be True


You know that one friend? The one who has everything just so in their house? Their kitchen is immaculate, they work from home in a sunny, perfectly organized office with their pens neatly lined up and a notebook open, ready to receive their great bounty of thoughts. We might refer to her as ‘Pinterest Wondergirl’. Is she a myth? A legend? After looking at these insane notebooks, we’re not sure anymore. If you’re looking for some organizational inspiration, look no further than these immaculately kept planners. We wish we could say ours looked the same.

1. German Productivity

German sounds so harsh when spoken, but this super organized notebook makes it seem so cheery and friendly. The little drawings are a nice addition, really brightening the notebook.

2. Black and White and Cat

What makes a super organized notebook even cuter? A cat, of course. But really, those title page labels are insane. Teach us how to make them?

3. The Perfect List

Suffice it to say, our grocery lists don’t exactly look like this. But this is how they look in our heads, so that counts for something, right?

4. The Art Bubbles

I don’t feel like I’m artistically qualified to make a journal like this. But it’s insanely cute. Keep doodling, doodlers.

5. The Math Journal

Okay, it’s not exactly about math, but nothing makes technical subjects look more welcoming than a well organized journal. A clean and efficient way of keeping your day together.

6. The Study Plan

A study plan is so much more motivating when laid out like this. After all, you don’t want to be unorganized in your attempts to learn. This almost makes us miss school (almost).

7. The Perfect Handwriting

Who even writes like this? No, seriously. Are they carefully penning every letter, or what? This makes us wish we’d paid more attention in penmanship (if that was still even a thing in school).

8. Motivation To Study

The watercolor diagram is a nice addition to this notebook page, and the mix of colors likely means it’s easier to remember what they’re studying. Props to this cute study guide.


9. Who Needs Cliffsnotes?

Remember those super cool condensed study guides that you always wanted but never got because money? Apparently you can make your own, and they’re even cuter. Who knew?


10. The Wishlist

How adorable is this? We love that it deviates from the traditional list format. These people are super creative.