The Bush Twins Have Some Very Specific Rules For Making Enchiladas And Margaritas


It is a Bush family tradition to eat enchiladas on Christmas Eve and, like any tradition, there are a few very specific rules you must follow to get it right. Jenna and Barbara Bush shared those rules with Southern Living, but like any Tex-Mex lover would, got on a tangent talking about how to make the perfect margarita. And they should know: Barbara had a specialty marg named after her in New York City.

They shared some tips for enchiladas (ie cook the meat first) before deciding that enchiladas are just Tex-Mex casseroles. You kind of watch them realize their sacred tradition was an out for their Mom to do something easy on Christmas Eve.

So they quickly change the subject to marg tips.

  1. NEVER add sugar
  2. Barb prefers just lime juice, ice and tequila
  3. Jen likes a splash of sparkling water, 1/3 lime juice (wow), and 1/3 tequila “unless that’s too much” (it is), and salt around the rim.
I’ll try Jen’s. The Barbarita Margarita? not so sure.