This Photo of the Bush Twins on Halloween in 1988 With President George H. W. Bush is Seriously the Weirdest Photo of All-Time

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I love American history, politics and the “Today Show,” so obviously, I read Jenna and Barbara Bush’s book “Sisters First” in about 3 hours. The book was a very vivid, personal account of what it was like to grow up the granddaughter and daughter of a President.

And of course, the book was full of old family photos that the Twins probably wish didn’t exist, even though they were taken by a professional photographer and very well done.

One photo in particular is of the girls on Halloween in 1988 days before the presidential election with their grandfather George H.W. Bush. Their dad shared the photo on Instagram a few years ago, but seeing it in the book reminded me of how super weird it is and how no presidential children could ever get away with costumes like this in 2017.

Mainly, it’s Barbara. I mean, look at little Barbara Bush. Ol’ Barbs is supposed to be a vampire, but she looks a little more like Gene Simmons. Obviously, today every headline would be “First Daughter Dresses as Gene Simmons for Halloween.”

You have to wonder why George and Laura let her out of the house like that for a campaign event when Jenna was dressed as chewing gum. It’s just the weirdest, best thing ever.

When President Bush shared the photo, he recalled, “One of my favorite memories of Dad’s 1988 Presidential campaign was when he invited our family to join him on a trip through the Midwest around Halloween. I still smile at the image of Barbara and Jenna walking down the aisles of Air Force Two trick-or-treating the national press corps.”