Carly Pearce’s Hair Teasing Trick Will Give You Volume Like Never Before


Any good southern girl knows the old saying, the higher the hair, the closer to God– and Carly Pearce pretty much takes it to another level.

In a recent video, Carly (who notoriously has a great head of hair) shared the hair secrets she learned while working at Dollywood, and all you need is your teasing comb and some hairspray.

“I learned about a teasing comb from one of my friends at Dollywood,” she said. “She believes that the higher the hair, the closer to Jesus, and I have to say I do too, now.”

(Side note: if you don’t already have a teasing comb, get one. It will change your life! Grab one on Amazon here.)

She shared that the secret to her big hair is that she teases not just the roots, but the bottom of her hair, too. “Ladies, you have to tease all of your hair, not just the top,” she said.

Who knew?