7 Of Our Favorite Styles From CatCon This Year


It’s a well known fact that lots of people love cats, especially on the internet. And where there is love and devotion to a subject, a convention will surely follow. With Instagram famous cats, cat subscription boxes, and endless memes about cats, it’s no wonder a convention has popped up that gives cat lovers a way to obsess in person. A celebration of art, entertainment, and of course cats, Cat Con brought some interesting styles right to the front of the fashion world. Check out some of our favorites.

Side note: If I ever put anything on my cat’s head, I wouldn’t be alive to write this article. That is all.

1. The Bag

Who doesn’t enjoy a sophisticated wad of paper wrapped around their head?

2. The Perfect Decor

We know you need something to decorate your couch with. We’ve got the solution.

3. The Admiring Fans

Smolder on, man in t-shirt with weird cat.

4. The Solution To A Bad Hairday

We’ve all been there, but we’re not sure this cat hat is really helping. Sorry, man.

5. The Classic Bowtie

Classic, elegant, and hipster. This cat is ready for the runway.

6. The Cat Plushes

Pop them in your purse and it’ll be just like your furry friend is tagging along. Only…less weird we guess.

7. The Denim Vest

Denim is back in style, and vests are pretty ’90s, which are cool again, so we guess this is stylish…?