6 Definitive Reasons Cats Make Much Better Pets than Dogs


It’s never been cool to be a cat person. People immediately assume you wear weird cat sweaters and have like 17 cats in every nook and cranny of your home. You get a lot of backlash when you admit you like cats. People always ask, “How can you like cats?” Then spitefully they’ll add, “I hate cats. Cats are the worst.” Then they’ll go on and on about that one horrible experience they had with a cat that ruined their lives and made them hate cats forever.

For this reason, I’ve always been kind of a closet cat person, but it’s time we cat people spoke out, refusing to be marginalized by the dog people majority, and allowing a few bad cats to give all cats a bad name. Let’s be honest; cats really do make better pets than dogs. Here’s why.

1. Cats aren’t annoying.
I’ve never had to apologize for my cat’s behavior when we’ve had guests at our house. Cats don’t lick your face or jump on your legs or try to get you to play fetch every five seconds, and most importantly they don’t stick their noses in your crotch.

2. Cats are moody, but I’m fine with that.
Cats get a bad reputation for being moody, but I can appreciate that my cat doesn’t need me every five seconds. Dogs are like self-conscious girlfriends/boyfriends that always want to know that you still like them and think they’re cute.

3. Cats aren’t loud.
There’s nothing more annoying than a barking dog that won’t shut up, especially when you’re trying to sleep, but cats are fairly quiet. I’ve never gotten a call from neighbors that my cat was purring too loudly.

4. Cats don’t smell.
They also don’t track dirt in the house or roll in the trash, and they don’t go to the bathroom wherever they please. Cats can even be potty trained – like to go on a real toilet.

5. Cats are hilarious.
I’m not saying that dogs can’t be funny, but cats are quirky and hilarious in their own special way. That’s why there’s no shortage of funny cat videos.

6. Cats are low maintenance.
You don’t have to walk cats. (In fact, they’d prefer that you didn’t). You don’t have to let them out every few hours to go to the bathroom. You don’t have to buy nearly as much food for a cat either. Cats are simply way more low maintenance, and I’d take a cat over a dog any day of the week.