Cat Guide: What It Means When Your Cat Is On Two Feet


Cats were given four legs for a reason. However, on occasion, they find it necessary to lean back and only use two of them. For many cat owners, it’s a mystery as to why. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the many various reasons a cat is on its furry hindquarters.

1. Cats are very health-conscious. Sometimes they get on two legs to warn you about high-calorie foods. Here we see one of our feline friends begging its owner to put the sausage down.

2. Cats are very hip and up-to-date with the latest dance moves. Here is a cat teaching its owner how to Dougie.

3. Every cat knows that plaque is the leading cause of gingivitis.

4. Many cats are Bluetooth enabled, but older models require a USB attachment.

5. Cats make great yoga partners.

6. Remain calm, it’s just a hand.

7. Perhaps you’ve offended the cat, and it’s ready to fight about it.

“Them’s fightin’ words!”

8. It’s possible that your cat has witnessed a crime, and is preparing to alert the authorities.

9. Cats are known to try to start raves.

10. Your cat is utterly bewildered.

11. This cat is patiently waiting for dinner to be served.

12. It’s possible that your cat may be training for a big fight.

13. Sometimes your cat just needs a hug.