Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All, This Woman Curls Her Hair With Cheetos (Seriously)

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With the 100 layer trend fading into obscurity, we thought we were safe from terrible YouTube beauty trends for awhile. Apparently we were wrong. Although the craze started with dish sponges, YouTuber Bunny decided to up the ante by curling her hair with actual Cheetos. Yes, the Cheetos of orange finger fame. We’re confused too.

Besides the obvious problems of Cheeto dust and well, the smell of cheese, we weren’t sure if she would actually get curls out of the cheesy snacks. Surprisingly, Cheetos make for pretty good hair curlers, as Bunny emerges with curls that rival Shirley Temple herself.

We’re definitely not interested in attempting this ourselves, but it’s fun to watch anyway. Check it out.