Chip Gaines is Hosting a “Silo District Marathon” in Waco, and You Can Register To Run In It

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Earlier this year, “Fixer Upper” star Chip Gaines shared that he had a New Year’s Resolution to run a marathon in 2018. With their “Magnolia Market” shop, Chip and Joanna are hosting the “Silo District Marathon” in Waco, Texas on May 6, 2018, and you can actually register to run in it, too.

“It’s time to tie up our laces, hit the trails, & start training for the Silo District Marathon—my first race ever! I have no idea how this is going to shake out, but I do know you can’t run a marathon unless you get started. So my challenge to you.. get started with me. Whatever challenges you, it might be the 5K, the half, or like me, the full Monty. Pick 1. Do something,” Chip shared on Instagram to announce the marathon.


According to the Magnolia Market website, there will be a full marathon, half marathon and a 5K option, and all proceeds will benefit cancer research. “There’s no doubt that I’m looking forward to crossing that finish line, but every day of training up until then is something to be proud of—because I’m making it happen,” Chip said.

“Proud of you for taking the first step… this is going to be good,” Joanna said on her Instagram in regards to Chip’s first marathon. “Registration is now open for our first Silo District Marathon. There’s a race for everyone—whether you want to run a 5k, half or full marathon. It’s May 6th here in Waco!

You can register for the marathon on the Magnolia Market website.