Chip and Joanna Went on “Today” to Talk Baby No. 5 and New Cookbook, and Chip Shared Some Really Interesting Information


“Fixer Upper” may have come to an end, but that’s not stopping Chip and Joanna Gaines from staying as busy as ever!

The two appeared on “Today” to talk about Joanna’s new cookbook, Magnolia Table (available now!) as well as baby no. 5 on the way, and it was everything we could’ve hoped for– and then some.

The interview started out as you’d expect– Savannah Guthrie asked Joanna how she’s been doing and asked how their four kids are feeling about their new sibling, and what it’s been like to juggle launching a cookbook alongside prepping for a new baby.

Chip then went on to share some intriguing and hilarious information that no one asked for, but we’re oh so glad we now know.

“Prior to my relationship with Joanna, I always dated slightly bigger boned girls,” Chip started. “So whenever Jo is pregnant, it’s kind of my thing– it’s kind of my jam.”

Oh, Chip.

They went on to share that they’ve yet to decide on a name for their new baby boy– Chip is hoping for a name while Joanna is itching to switch things up and go for a C name.

Of course, Chip couldn’t help himself from fangirling over his wife before the show started, standing with the crowd outside of “Today” with a sign that read “I love Joanna Gaines!”

You can buy Joanna Gaines’ new cookbook, Magnolia Table, here, or find it in stores and online at Target and Walmart.