Chip Gaines Wants to Spread Kindness After “Tough Couple of Weeks”

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Chip Gaines challenges fans to spread kindness
Photo courtesy Chip Gaines Instagram

Chip Gaines wants us all to strive to do better. After witnessing a tough couple of weeks, the former Fixer Upper star is challenging his team ,and the world, to be kind.

In a post on his blog, Chip opened up about the simple act of being kind and spreading that kindness to those around us and even online.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately, about where it starts and what keeps it moving from one person to the next,” he began. “It’s been a tough couple of weeks for a lot of people in our country, and I can’t help but wonder, how did we get here?”

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He continued, “I believe that we are all made in likeness, and because of that, our hearts are naturally drawn toward one another. But the thing about kindness is, it’s a choice. It’s something that we should give freely with the hopeful expectation that it might one day be given freely to us.”

The father of five went on to share that the kindness you give does not have to be an over the top gesture but day-to-day kindness amongst our neighbors and coworkers. What began at the Magnolia company within their Magnolia Manifesto is set to spread around the world if Chip has anything to say about it.

“It made me think that there’s no better time than now for our company to act on the things that we stand for,” Chip shared. “Our team has made a bunch of these flyers, and written on each one is a simple act of kindness. Kindness that asks us to look each other in the eye and see one another as valuable human beings. We’ve decided to start right here at home in Waco, TX. So we’re going to be hanging them up around the office, at the Silos and all around town. Hang them up at home, in your office, or at school. I think a subtle reminder like this is sometimes all it takes to help us choose kindness.”

“I believe in the resilience of humankind and I can’t help but wonder what goodness we might be able to offer this world if we joined our voices together. I’m challenging our people at Magnolia to make kindness loud. I’d like to challenge y’all to do the same. If you’re willing to join us in spreading kindness, use #makeKINDNESSloud on social media”

Chip’s wife, Joanna, joined in with a post on Instagram, touting her husband’s effort.

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“Kindness spreads kindness… I can’t help but believe that’s true,” she wrote.  “I love how @chipgainesencouraged our team here at Magnolia to #makeKINDNESSloud, and we hope you’ll join us.”

In the blog, Chip also made it easy to print out the flyers in a step by step process, which you can follow here. 

“We created four different flyers—two that include general acts of kindness (great for your home, office, or around your hometown), one that is catered more towards kiddos (great for teachers and schools) and one more that allows you to name the act and fill in the blank,” Chip added.

You too can join Chip in his challenge and #makeKINDNESSloud.