The Birth of Christ Story, Told By Children and Acted Out By Adults, Will Help You Remember the Reason for the Season (And Make You Laugh)

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Traditionally, the story of Christ’s birth is told from the book of Luke, chapter 2. Luke doesn’t leave out any details– the Angel, the virgin, the census, the stable, the shepherds, the wise men– all of it.

One church in Kentucky clearly knows the story by heart and so do the kids that attend, because they sure nailed it. Southland Christian Church had kids tell the story and adults act it out. Mostly, it’s all correct, with a few extra pieces of information that aren’t too far off from events that probably happened, but weren’t recorded.

You know Joseph needed that reassurance. This angel is just doing his job.

You know that donkey wasn’t fast, but imagine if it was

Is it even a sentence if someone isn’t using the word “literally?”

Just like that! A star!

These kids clearly know what happens when a baby is born, because their Wise Men didn’t just bring gold, frankincense and myrrh. They brought the good stuff, too– a hippo, diapers, wipes, milk, Jordans and the other stuff.

Remember– Mary and Joseph were real people entrusted to care for Jesus, the son of God. They were regular parents and like any dad, you know Joseph thought Jesus was the best baby ever.