Joanna Gaines Celebrates Launch of Fixer Upper Woodworker Clint Harp’s New Book, “Handcrafted”


Though Chip and Joanna Gaines were the front-and-center stars of HGTV’s hit show “Fixer Upper,” there were several other faces viewers came to know and love over the years— including Chip and Jo’s go-to woodworker, Clint Harp.

Since the end of “Fixer Upper,” Clint and his wife Kelly have landed their own HGTV show, “Wood Work,” showcasing their life as they run their Waco woodshop, creating beautiful pieces of furniture and decor for their clients.

Now, Clint has taken on an entirely new feat by releasing his first-ever book, “Handcrafted,” giving readers an inside look into how he got where he is today— from being a child learning carpentry from his grandfather to his struggles to balance pursuing his dreams with supporting his family to his partnership with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Handcrafted /

Joanna took to Instagram to share her pride over Clint and his new book, saying, “We are so proud— This book is beautiful and inspiring and will encourage so many.”

You can order your copy of “Handcrafted” on Amazon here, or check your favorite book retailer.