“Fixer Upper” Craftsman Clint Harp Has a TV Show Coming to the DIY Network

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While Chip, Joanna and the couples they’re working with tend to take center stage in most episodes of “Fixer Upper,” we can’t (and shouldn’t) forget about their woodworker and furniture artisan, Clint Harp, because he’s getting his own show on the DIY Network.

The new show “Wood Work” will air on the DIY Network and has a TBD airdate, but to say we’re excited would be a major understatement. According to HGTV, the series will be based in Waco, Texas, and will follow Clint and his crew as they build amazing one-of-a-kind pieces out of 100% recycled wood. The pilot aired back in March, and we got a sneak peek at what we could expect

Clint calls his team “a creative crew of carpenters, artists and craftsman banging out custom furniture, home decor, and any crazy cool thing our clients can dream up.” Sign us up!