12 Clothing Pieces You Should Absolutely Not Ever Wear to a Wedding


I’ve been a part of something like 26 weddings. I’ve been to weddings in barns, weddings held in historic churches, weddings in backyards and every place in between. No matter the wedding venue, the rules are still the same— there are some things you just can’t and shouldn’t wear to a wedding.

12 Clothing Pieces You Should Absolutely Not Ever Wear to a Wedding:

1. White or White with Bling
Even if you think you look like a “Honky Tonk Angel(s),” it’s still a firm no.


2. Fedora
This is actually a good time to note that you shouldn’t be wearing a fedora anywhere. You just can’t trust a person in a fedora.

3. Jeans
And definitely don’t guy buy a new pair of jeans to wear to a wedding.

4-7. Anything From an Alan Jackson Music Video
This list includes, but isn’t limited to: straw hats, daisy dukes, a jean skirt and/or tube tops.



8. Camouflage
Especially if you’ve rubbed synthetic pee all over it to go hunting.

9. Art
I applaud your creativity and desire to create new looks, just don’t try out those new looks at a wedding.

10. Anything From Madonna’s Closet
Actually, this is just a life rule.

11. Workout Clothes
Even though some yoga pants can cost you close to $100 these days, you still can’t wear them to a wedding.

12. Swimsuit
Unless the wedding is a pool party, which begs the question– best wedding ever or weirdest wedding ever?