The Best Shampoo For Your Hair Might Be Coca Cola


This sounds pretty weird, but hear us out on this one. Suki Waterhouse, Insurgent star and former British supermodel, swears by this technique to get the most out of her hair. She admitted to Us Weekly that she sometimes rinses her hair with Coca-Cola. We’re not joking. She boosts her hair with soda of all things. Waterhouse claims that her hair is fine and limp without the treatment, but with a bit of the same stuff used to clean up crime scenes and toilet bowls, her hair comes out slightly tousled and more voluminous.

Truth or fiction? We’re not sure, but the Today Show put it to the test and found the results were similar to what Waterhouse described. To try it yourself, rinse your hair with the sugary soda and then rinse it with just water. No shampoo allowed! We’ll have to try this the next time our hair needs a boost of life. Check out the video below.