How to Avoid #AvacadoHand


The oddest hashtag is trending on Twitter: #avocadohand. Even Merryl Streep has it. It has nothing to do with the green fruit that we all love. Avocado-Hand is the new medical slang for, “slicing your hand open while trying to cut an avocado.” Despite what other outlets (and even a few plastic surgeons) are saying it is not a new medical condition. Rather it is an old mistake: not knowing how to use your kitchen knife safely.

More people injure themselves while cutting avocados than any other food. Why? Because people think it is a good idea to swiftly bring the largest blade in their home down towards their open palm to remove the avocado’s pit.


It looks easy, but obviously isn’t. If it were, #avocadohand wouldn’t be trending. No guacamole is worth stitches or an ER visit. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating the green delicacy. There is a safe way to prep your avocado that won’t require a doctor to sew you shut.

Put the avocado down. Down force the blade. Go slow. Don’t slice you hand open.