Country Wedding Ideas: Bachelor Parties for Country Boys


One of the great things about country men and cowboys is that they’d rather be outdoors than anywhere else. So why not carry that theme into the bachelor party and celebrate your upcoming nuptials in the great outdoors? After all, the bachelor party originated with the Spartans when they would celebrate the groom’s last night as a single man. And what could be more manly than spending some male bonding time doing extreme sports or once in a lifetime adventures? Here are a few ideas for bachelor parties that are a little out of the box.

Cattle Drives

Nothing could possibly be more country than a cattle drive and roundup. With movies like City Slickers, Lonesome Dove, and Red River, you can just feel the adventure building up and waiting to be explored. It simply doesn’t get any better than dining and sleeping out in the wild, gathering the herd, horseback riding, penning, and sorting.

White Water Rafting

Just picture your muscles burning as you maneuver the boat through obstacles as the white water whips you up and down in a thrilling water ride. From whitewater grades one through six, the passengers will experience anything from capsizing to spinning the raft through rapids. Finish it off with a nice dinner and some drinks and it will definitely be a bachelor party that won’t soon be forgotten.

Shooting Range

Men can test their skills with bullets, arrows, or clay pigeons – because everybody loves a good competition. Spend the day improving on skill and technique with Hunger Games style bow and arrows and Jack Reacher style precision shooting. Or just practice for an all out zombie apocalypse and cover all the bases. Either way, with an ending celebration at the bachelor’s favorite bar, the day will be a success.


Camping is perfect for telling old stories around the campfire, smoking cigars, fishing, dining like real men out in the wild, and sleeping out under the stars. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s one of the best ways for authentic bonding with your groom’s party. Bring a cooler full of beer and that party is all set for an awesome time.


Nothing quite spurs the blood like Ultimate Fighting. And since most fights take place in or around casinos, adding a little gambling into the mix can spice things up. Set a specific amount your willing to lose and walk away when it’s gone. Dinner and drinks, a fight, and a little bit of gambling and the groom and his party will be feeling like James Bond in no time.

Image Source: BigStock