Country Wedding Ideas: Four Ways to Use Chalkboard Art

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Nothing quite says country like good old-fashioned chalkboard art. It’s rustic, chic, and unquestionably quaint. Plus, not only is it creative, it’s extremely customizable. Whether you’re going for country glam, shabby chic, or something else entirely, chalkboard art is a sure way to incorporate a personal touch into your big day.

You can hire an artist, bribe one of your crafty friends, or have a go yourself at creating a one of a kind masterpiece. Go to your local craft store and get some chalkboard pens, chalkboard paint, stencils, your desired size of wood, and you’re all set to get started! Now let’s look at a few creative ways to incorporate this fun element into your wedding!

The Wedding Party

Everybody wants to know who’s who in your wedding party. Get a poster board size or larger piece of plywood to display at the entrance or at the beginning of the aisle. Start with the date at the top and list the names of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, etc. If someone is doing a reading or singing a special song, name them too! You can also have two sections for “Gaining a Son” and “Gaining a Daughter” and list the names of both sets of parents.

Here Comes The Bride

Have an adorable little flower girl or ring bearer in your wedding party? Have them carry a chalkboard sign announcing that the bride is about to come down the aisle. Variations on this are, “Here comes your girl,” “Here comes the love of your life,” or “Here comes your cowgirl.” Add pretty little flourishes and an elegant, eye catching font to make it truly stand out.

Food and Drink

pecialty drinks, dessert tables, appetizers, and a buffet (if you’re having one) all lend themselves to adorable little chalkboard tags. Guests like to know what they’re eating and what better way to tell them than with cute and creative chalkboard art signs? Another option is to use toothpicks with flag shaped chalkboard paper (also available at craft stores), which you can insert into individual cupcakes, appetizers, etc.


If you aren’t particularly artsy, or just don’t have the time to create chalkboard art, you can always find chalkboard fonts and chalkboard printables online. Some are free, or you can have custom orders made on sites like Etsy or Fiverr. You can create dinner menus, programs, seating place cards, invitations, etc. From favors to the gift table and guest book, the opportunities for incorporating chalkboard art in your big day are endless!