Country Wedding Receptions: Unique Ideas for Novel Nuptials

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Country wedding receptions are all about the little details that make up the big picture. It’s the fact that each mason jar has a piece of lace or twine tied around it or that your MC and servers are wearing lariats and cowboy hats. And whether your favors are mini spur key chains or you’re playing Kenny Chesney songs, your wedding is sure to be indicative of you both as a couple. And if you’re looking for a countrified reception that is going to blow your guests away, here are five unique ideas to light the fuse.

Mechanical Bulls

You just tied the knot and now you’re ready to let loose and party a little – or a lot. So ladies, it’s time to kick off those high heels and ride that bull. Kids, men, and women alike will love the opportunity to ride a mechanical bull. Most rentals include a surrounding air mattress and an operator. And don’t worry, they’re your friends – and that means you don’t have to make them sign a disclaimer.

Country Dance Instructor

You may be country, but there might be some friends or family in attendance who are a little more “city” at heart. So whether it’ line dancing, the Dosey Doe, or the two-step, your guests will love learning some simple steps from a Country Dance Instructor. Even those with two left feet can join in the fun.

Hay Rides

There is something fun and romantic that surrounds hay rides. It hearkens back to youth and olden days, catering to children and adults alike. A lovely addition is a live acoustic guitarist playing gently in the corner. If the hayrides will be happening under the stars, Chinese lanterns or fairy lights also amp up the romance. Provide guests with mulled wine or warm cider in mason jars if the evening proves a little chilly.

Petting Zoo

You’re probably thinking, “A Petting Zoo? But it’s a wedding, not a circus!” Just wait, hear us out before completely disregarding! There’s nothing more country than animals, and you simply don’t have a soul if a tiny little sheep doesn’t melt your heart. Not to mention it’ll be a huge attraction for the kiddies who are present and will lend a “country fair” atmosphere to your wedding.

Caramel Apple Station

This can double as your guest’s wedding favor as well and is fun for both children and adults! Have a table set up with an assortment of apples that have already had sticks pushed into them. Have a variety of selections including dipping caramel, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate to drizzle, candy, etc. It might be handy to have someone man the table and help guests wrap their caramel apples in bags and refill the supplies.

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